i am a mum of an anxious and reactive dog too!

Hi lovely,

I want to tell you the story of my journey with my project dog, Holly.

In 2011, my husband and I moved overseas to the beautiful island of Hawaii with our two Labradors in tow. I know - i'm a very lucky girl!

It was soon after the move that Holly, my black lab, became reactive, anxious, and showed undesirable behaviour on the lead.

I had spent years training my two dogs, I wanted to be the best doggie mum ever and for the most part I was knocking it out of the park. After doing all the ‘right things’, early socialisation, going through puppy, basic and advanced force free training I couldn’t understand why her behaviour had suddenly changed and I was beginning to resent how her issues were affecting our family and our enjoyment of her and our other dog Franklin.

I knew I wanted to help Holly and I wanted to enjoy spending time with her again without the drama.

Like you are now, I was searching for a better, healthier solution for my dog’s problems. Holly deserved it.

It wasn't until I discovered the Tellington TTouch Training Method that things started turning around for us. Using TTouch®, I found a better way to communicate and build a better relationship with Holly and understand how her self-confidence, or lack thereof affects her behaviour.

The results have been life-changing. For myself and for Holly!

Now it's my absolute mission to change the lives of other anxious dog mums, to spark joy again with their dog and build incredible relationships based on trust and respect whilst reducing undesirable behaviours and building our dogs self confidence.

I really look forward to connecting with you and your dog soon!

i love to talk all things dogs & our relationships with them

Here you can watch/listen to some interviews I have done in the past.


June 2018

Jacqueline and I talk about how understanding how our own energy & intentions can affect the behaviour of our dogs & our relationship with them.

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August 2018

We speak about fostering a deeper connection with our dogs. We dive into how our emotions, thoughts, self awareness and deep inner work can be reflected in our pets behaviour.

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March 2019

We talk about how to take care of a mentally ill dog but also take care of ourselves when we are judged by other dog owners for the behaviour of our dog.

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I completed the two-year TTouch® practitioner training, learning from Linda Tellington-Jones, the creator of the program and incredible animal ambassador and other international TTouch instructors.

Not only that, but I undertook a six-month apprenticeship with a local positive re-enforcement trainer, which included working with a therapy dog program for PTSD sufferers at a local Marine Base which has taught me the importance of the connection betweeen both the dog and the companion being in balance and working together to reach a common goal.

Along the way, I’ve also spent time taking canine first aid and animal massage courses, and I’ve learned from Terry Ryan at the Coaching People to Train their Dogs workshop in Sequim, Washington.