Specialising in Canine Wellbeing

A unique blend of Bioresonance and TTouch techniques for a special kind of gentle and complete method of healing that aims to bring your dog back to a state of health and happiness.

Holistic Support for Dogs

A tailored wellness approach attends to your dog’s specific needs and challenges, aiming to enhance both their physical health and emotional well-being. This holistic strategy recognises each canine companion’s uniqueness, harmonising their distinct traits with comprehensive care for optimal balance.


Trauma can profoundly impact dogs, leading to behavioural changes, anxiety, and difficulties in trusting humans and their environment.

Behavioural Problems

Reactivity in dogs can create challenging situations, making it difficult for them to interact calmly with other dogs or stimuli and potentially affecting their overall well-being.

Physical Pain

The presence of pain considerably undermines a dog’s overall well-being, influencing their mood, mobility, and the general quality of their life


Inflammatory issues can greatly affect dogs, causing discomfort, itching, and potential complications that impact their overall health and happiness.

About Me

Millie Miller

I’m genuinely devoted and enthusiastic about canine welfare. My experience with my own challenging dog has lead me to a career in animal behaviour, learning the fascinating world of dog psychology, training, and holistic well-being.

Throughout my journey, I’ve been trained to become qualified using unique and specialised approaches such as Bioresonance and Tellington TTouch Methods. My goal is to seamlessly merge the latest technology with compassionate, empathetic approaches.

Ultimately, I’m on a mission to help dogs flourish in every sense – physically, mentally and emotionally whilst equipping dog owners with the understanding and skills that enrich the lives of their canine companions.


Grange, SA 5022

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