What happens when the dream life with your dog doesn’t work out like you had planned?

You’ve spent time preparing for her to enter your family, you’re committed to doing everything you can and your excited to go on all these amazing adventures together.

It would have been amazing but the universe has different plans.

She’s not that dream dog, you love her and she’s perfect in her own way but she comes with a unique set of challenges and they are now really challenging you!

Challenging your patience
Challenging your capacity 
Challenging your knowledge

Who do you turn to? Who’s going to ‘get’ her? Who’s really going to support you both?

Is it the vet? The trainer? The animal communicator? Energy healer?

Your head is spinning with all the options out there, how do you sift through them all to make sure you pick the right one?

That’s where I come in lovely, I am here to support you and her through this journey.

When we work together, we will:

- Create a realistic roadmap to change your dogs behaviour with loving but effective tools

- Energetically support your dog to reach their highest potential

- Help you surround yourself with a village of support that get you and your dog

- Live your life with your dog in a judgement free zone (Teflon baby!)

If you are ready to really create amazing change in your dog and your relationship with her then let’s work together.

Whats included: 4 x 45 minute weekly sessions conducted via Zoom

Investment: $350 AUD

Not sure if I'm what you & your dog need? Let's have a quick chat and see if I am the right fit for you.